How to Deliver Results that Create Raving Fans

GAVID099-How to Deliver Results that Create Raving Fans

November 2018



Charging enough and charging a lot to protect your client

  1. Have all the resources needed to make it work
  2. Ability to focus it at a different level
  3. Bring in experts
  4. Show client you know what you’re doing

Win the war

  1. Know what the field looks like and have a map
    1. Make and outline/map of what you’re going to give
    2. What is your client going to get when they work with you
  2. Battles You can Win
    1. Identify simple wins that get results
      1. Beating deadlines
      2. Deliver early
      3. Make it look great
  3. Win the war
    1. What the customers will get
    2. Define what the end product will be

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