Time Management and Energy Management How To Do It Right in Business

GAVID093-Time Management and Energy Management: How to Do It Right in Business

October 2018



Energy Management:

  1. When did I have the most energy during the day
    1. Look back at the last week to see when you were most energized
      1. When are you most inspired?
  2. Pomodoro technique
    1. Timer for 25 minutes do one task and ignore all distractions
    2. 5 minute break to do whatever you want
    3. Do another 25 minutes
  3. Save your energy for things that matter in your day
  4. Is this what I should be doing today?
    1. 1 thing in a day
    2. What do I NEED to do today
    3. How can I replicate this behavior



  1. What’s the biggest thing i can do to help the company?
  2. The team?
  3. The clients?


3 core departments to have prioritized in your business:

  1. Sales
  2. Financial Controls
  3. Production

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