How to Generate a Years Worth of Marketing Content for Just $49!

GAVID087 – How to Generate a Years Worth of Marketing Content for Just $49!

April 2018



Secret #1: How to use one simple tool to generate ALL your content ideas in a matter of minutes

  1. Complete Your Target Audience Worksheet
    1. Help you think about how you will approach content you will create
    2. How to speak to them
    3. Helps overall content
  2. Enter Keywords and Terms
  3. Checkout the Headline Ideas
    1. Reference and use in your social media
  4. Build Your Blog Map
    1. Strategy to help create content long term
    2. Improve search engine optimization
    3. Drive people through conversation
    4. Help you connect an serve them
    5. Make you an authority in the industry
  5. Write an E-book/guide
    1. Deliver value
    2. Packed full of great info
    3. Post it on your site
  6. Build your Email Map

It takes 20-30 minutes to plan out your entire year of content.

Secret #2: How to effortlessly create your content without being a copywriter

Let’s Build a … Sandwich

  1. The Top Slice: Empathy Opener
    1. Want your readers to instantly connect/bond with you
  2. The Meat: The content
    1. The valuable content
  3. The Bottom Slice: Your call to action
    1. Tell the readers what to do
      1. Call
      2. Visit a page
      3. Try free trial
      4. Booking page

Secret #3: How to maximize the value of each piece that you create

  1. Create it
  2. Share it

How much time to dedicate to Content

  1. 30 minutes per day (or 2.5 hours per week)
  2. Approximately 10 hours per month
  3. Plus some promotion and distribution time (1-2 hours per month top with tools like Automate Your Social

$49 Copywriter Today Special

  1. Ideas tool + content map explainer ideas
  2. Up to 11 articles per month with Copywriter Today Writing Team Account
  3. Unlimited content coaching inside our BME Customer Success FB group
  4. Automate Your Social Scheduling Dashboard

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