How to Effectively hire a VA (Introduction to the Basics)

GAVID073 – How to Effectively Hire a VA (Introduction to the Basics)

January 2018



  1. List out everything you want a VA to do
    1. Make sure to be extra clear
      1. Document the exact process you want them to go through
    2. Capability and technology needed
      1. Speed test
      2. Typing test
      3. Loom video
        1. Hear how they sound/talk
    3. Ask questions
  2. Find your VA
  3. Hiring
    1. ONly a percentage hired will work out
      1. Hire 2 people and see who works out
      2. Trial basis


Set expectations:

  1. Established products
    1. Do tasks to see how long teach task will take
    2. Monitor time
    3. Flat rate for the task
    4. Communicate the deadline

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