Follow Up Sequences: Ultimate Sales Freedom live Q&A

GAVID061-  Follow Up Sequence USF FB Live Q & A

September 2018



Follow Up Process: Pipedrive


  1. Break down:
  2. Replied Interested
    1. Client Shown interest
  3. Meeting Arranged
    1. Interest Locked in
  4. Follow Up Meeting Scheduled
    1. 2nd Meeting
  5. Proposal
  6. Negotiations Started
  7. Negotiations Started
  8. On Hold
    1. Be a few months?


Focus on being consistent


  1. 7 part email (one week to two weeks)
    1. If you haven’t heard back from lead in a while
    2. Customized
    3. Get person to say yes or no quickly
    4. See who has opened the emails
  2. If say not interested right now, or future hope
    1. Subscribe them tinto a long term follow up sequence
      1. Stay in touch with them
      2. Reconnect in future when project comes back up

7 email touches: (Sending every day or two)

Put link or video in every other email to take action

  1. Write a 7 part follow up series
  2. Follow up reply
  3. Mini case study
  4. If still interested would love to chat
  5. Made you this video with link
  6. Haven’t heard from you
  7. Comical ending email

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