Building Your Script-Ultimate Sales Freedom Live Q & A

GAVID060 –  Building Your Script USF FB Live Q & A

August 2018



Building Your Script-Structure and Flow

  1. Save time
  2. Won’t get lost in the process


**1 common goal of prospecting

Have a conversation!


3 Core Phases of Building Your Script

  1. Discovering them
    1. Need you can fill for them?
    2. Fit personality wise
    3. Ask questions
      1. Where are they at
      2. Why they are in business
      3. Look for positive and negative signs


  1. Ask clarifying questions
    1. What problem is causing
    2. Budget to solve problem
    3. Tell them what you can do for them
      1. Confirm you understood


  1. Discover You-Tell Prospect what Your company does
    1. Be honest!
    2. Be authentic
    3. Credibility
    4. Share outcomes


  1. Close
    1. Next appointment
      1. Schedule next meeting
    2. Close deal and get paid

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