Weekly Fast Track Sales Success FB live Q&A

GAVID057 – Consolidation Process USF FB Live Q & A

August 2018



Consolidation Process-Be consistent, close and be proactive



  1. Knowledge
    1. Confidence in self and your service
    2. Know what you’re doing 80% knowledge
  2. Enthusiasm
    1. Show prospect enthusiasm to solve problem
  3. Belief
    1. Prospects believe in your product


  1. Frame the call (Get yes answers)
    1. Run according to your rules
    2. Learn about them, tell about you
    3. Permission to ask questions for total clarity
    4. Expectations
  2. Discover them
    1. Ask them about themselves, business, where do they fit in
    2. Are they telling stories about other venders?
    3. Communicate that they need to be involved in every single stop of process?
    4. Listen for little cues
  3. Share your team
    1. Venders
    2. People on your team
    3. Credibility
    4. Describe clients
  4. Commit to a path
    1. Goal of the meeting
      1. Close it today? Or set a time to start tomorrow or next week?
      2. Reitterate and do what you said you are going to do


  1. Take Complex to Simple
    1. Explain the packages
      1. Do they understand each
      2. Do they understand each
      3. Where do they fit in with your goals?
  2. Give you consistency
    1. Copy and paste your quotes you use for others
  3. Define Scope
    1. Consistent
    2. Don’t have lack of definition
  4. Protect Profits
    1. Predefined packages

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