Prospecting Gold Part 1

GAVID056 – Prospecting Gold Part 1

July 2018



Prospecting today will help you in the future

You don’t need THIS person, you need A person



  1. Don’t be needy
    1. Prospect every day
      1. Email
      2. Messenger
      3. Chat
      4. Phone
      5. Person
    2. Reach out to enough people/have the right number of conversations
      1. See what their needs are
      2. Be consistent


  1. Law of the Well
    1. Pump the handle 30-50 times a day to stay motivated and keep everything working
    2. Keep your pipeline full
      1. Cold leads
      2. Warm leads
      3. Co-workers
      4. Family members


  1. Replace every prospect
    1. Once they buy from you they become a customer, not a prospect.
    2. Ignore you
    3. Service is not for them.

Tips for success

  1. Continually build your mental toughness
    1. Physically work-out your body
    2. Wake up early and get things done
  2. Be persistent
    1. Keep building your pipeline
  3. Send a quote every day
    1. Send a quote to someone
  4. Be organized
    1. Use a CRM every day
  5. Continually Learn
    1. What things are changing?
  6. Be creative and flexible
    1. Never offer discounts only other options
  7. Sell top down
    1. People will buy the higher packages
      1. Will get more people in the middle package
  8. Be up front
    1. Probably not a good fit for us
  9. Use reasons
    1. Email/Call/Share more details
  10. Get people’s attention
    1. Unique
    2. Different
    3. authentic
  11. Practice your copy
    1. Get better at what you write in chat
    2. Get better at how you deliver
  12. Follow up 49 times
  13. Sell big dollar stuff/sell small dollar stuff
  14. Sell every day
  15. Never never never give up
  16. Get some accountability and stick to it


One sales sin: Landing a big job and forget about prospecting.

Never allow anything to get your way of daily prospecting,

Keep the top of your funnel full!

Train your tonality

  1. Pausing Techniques
  2. Watch people who speak/sell really well
  3. Tone/Body language
  4. Practice!


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