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GAVID054 – Initial Sales Conversation

July 2018



Initial Sales Conversation

Setting the stage

  1. Right person to work with
    1. If i ran into this person at the coffee store would I like to hang out with this person?
    2. Relationship works
      1. If they are a jerk, kindly and professionally end the call
    3. Criteria
      1. Work with people who take responsibility for the success of their company
      2. Be respectful of my time
      3. Be open-minded
      4. Think long term


  1. How to frame the conversation in a way that gets your prospect to become a client more easily and when they do become a client behave themselves.
    1. Make clear statements that don’t make you come off needy-Convo where they are applying to work with you.
      1. Natural and authentic way convey: “I don’t need your money”
        1. Point is to see if we can help you move forward in business
        2. Operating in the right mindset
        3. Positions you with positive indifference
      2. Very selective about who we work with
      3. Miracles don’t happen overnight


  1. Results
    1. Talk in “we”
    2. Move you in the speed you want to move
    3. Ranges in how things work
      1. Stats
      2. Budget
        1. Let the prospect talk and you listen

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