The Three Stages of Sales Conversations: Weekly Fast Track Sales Succcess FB Live Q & A

GAVID052 – The Three Stages of Sales Conversations

June 2018



The 3 stages of Sales



  • Relationship building (Heart first + why are you doing this?)


    1. Is this someone you can work with
    2. How dan you get to know them and bond with them
    3. Are they rushed for time?
    4. Get to know each other and build a relationship (5-10 min)
      1. Why did you get into this industry?
      2. Stop and listen
        1. Get them to revisit their past
          1. Shared experience
          2. Builds trust


  • The Dream (Tap into the emotion)


    1. Get a clear goal of where they want to go and what they want to do.
      1. “Tell me about where you want to be”
      2. Get them to talk to build a relationship
    2. Pay attention/smiling/nodding/prompts while they talk


  • How to get to the dream


    1. Any challenges of getting there?
    2. Tell them about what your company does to help them
      1. They will want to get into details
        1. Tell them the result you can give them

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