Weekly Fast Track Sales Success FB live Q&A

GAVID051 – Communication

June 2018



Tonal believability

Never Split the Difference by: Chris Voss

  1. 7/35/58
    1. 7%-words that you say
      1. Powerful/Inspirational
        1. Less “ums”
        2. Confidence
    2. 35%-tone
      1. Drives/Influences the conversation
      2. Learn and Practice in and out of a sales environment
      3. Diffuse situations-Late night DJ voice
        1. Even tone
      4. Best Positive mood
      5. Tool of influence
      6. Use stutters and stops
    1. 58%-body language/action
      1. Zoom recordings
      2. Are they focusing on you?
      3. People watch-physically moving
      4. Guide emotionally
      5. Pay attention to people’s actions in their own videos
        1. Dig into their Social Media
      6. Watch video for great body language!


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