How to achieve an 80% close rate

GAVID047 – How to Achieve an 80% Close Rate

May 2018



“Heart First Close”

  1. Why are you in this business (Show you care about them)
    1. Let them exhaust themselves talking
    2. Get to know each other
      1. Will develop empathy for them
      2. Bonds will begin to form
    3. Be an active listener
  2. Tell them what you do
    1. I’d love to help you
  3. They will know that you were different
    1. They will come back and find a way to work with you

How to move forward as a leader and build sales teams

  1. Write down your thoughts
  2. Seek out input and advice from peers/mentor

Sales Teams:

  1. Run a contest/Incentivize
    1. Give an extra award who closes the most
  2. Paying for results
    1. Minimum activity levels that need to be hit
    2. Don’t pay if they don’t do it
  3. Plan to hire 3 people to get 1


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