Live Q & A

GAVID046 –  Getting Past Gatekeepers Live Q & A

May 2018



Ideas for getting past gatekeepers:

  1. Playing dumb line…”Do you guys still do…”
  2. Offer a free marketing evaluation for their business
    1. Building trust
    2. Adding value
      1. Being creative-adds value the fastest
      2. Simple assessment, things that work well
        1. Give recommendations
  3. Figure out how to prospect on the right people
  4. How to enter the relationship with value

Starting up the conversation the first time:

  1. Opening the door to the conversation:
    1. I was checking out your website, do you still exercise in ….
    2. Mirror back to them their answer
    3. Verbalize you did some research on them
  2. Leads first approach
    1. “Playing dumb script” -Do you do these certain things?
    2. “Let me send you this lead”
    3. Make a follow up call appt.

Consistency/Prospecting: 5 tens every day

  1. 10 emails..reaching out
  2. 10 phone calls…offering help
  3. 10 Facebook…reaching out
  4. 10 Linkedin Messages
  5. 10 Network of choice


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