Rules, Rewards, and the Power of Relationship Marketing

GAVID045 – Rules, Rewards, and the Power of Relationship Marketing

April 2018



Trial to retainer:

  1. Trial for 2 weeks- initial period to see if we are a good fit for each other
  2. Price Qualify before you begin the trial
    1. Are they able/willing to pay for your service
    2. Where do they feel they fit in your model price range
    3. Plan ahead for the future
  3. Logic close

Personal Branding and Relationship Marketing

    1. Relationship building process
      1. Call within 5 minutes after someone books an appointment
        1. Easier to convert them into a trial


  • Create a video for clients to watch


        1. Raise your importance and value
        2. Short and detailed

Rules and Rewards

    1. Rules: Create rules that are going to keep you motivated and on track
      1. Can only be angry/a baby about losing a client for 5 minutes


  • Rewards: Reward yourself today


    1. Will prime you to be better at being successful.
    2. You manage you


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