Weekly Fast Track Sales Success FB live Q&A

GAVID044- Weekly Fast Track Sales Success FB Live Q & A

April 2018


Getting People to show up to appointments (Text, Voice & Video)

  1. Send a text within 5 minutes of scheduling appointment
    1. Reach out with time of appointment
    2. Thank them for booking the appointment
    3. Start to connect and build a relationship early on before the call
  2. Send hour later
    1. Send video introduction (Minute or less)
  3. Candly Emails
    1. Personalized
    2. Why you should show up
  4. Send a couple more texts


  1. Calltoaction.co (Authentic Automation)
    1. $115 a month
    2. $139 a month-more in-depth version
  2. Co-video
  3. Active Campaign
  4. Google Doc
    1. Dial pad
    2. Phone (text)

Ethnically persuade people:

  1. Present packages and prices (I Know this is really expensive)
  2. Step away for a minute/give them space
  3. Knew they wanted status so leave them with the expensive thought
  4. Soft take-away/this is what’s included

Find a partner to sales role play with:

  1. How to overcome objections
  2. Creativity
  3. Try to learn how to play mental chess(manipulate, coerce)


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