Open Ended Questions and Building Rapport

GAVID043- Building Rapport and Open Ended Questions

April 2018


Rapport building:

  1. Easier to buy from someone whose like you
  2. Easier to sell to someone who likes you
    1. Credibility with life experience
    2. Bring history to conversation
    3. Build likability
    4. Find similarities you have with different clients
    5. Find out what moves people
      1. Always fall back on free
        1. Low risk
      2. Make sure everything is an offer

Questions to ask a potential client:

  1. What specifically do you need help with?
    1. Be clear about objectives
      1. Get totally clarity
      2. Do you need to bring in a partner.
      3. Listen (#1 Sales Skill)
  2. So if we know if we are a right fit for you and you are a right fit for us, what is your budget for accomplishing what you need?
  3. What is the companies 12 month revenue goal or growth over last 12 months?
    1. Why is that important to you?
  4. What is the current growth rate
    1. How many customers per month are you seeing
  5. What’s the biggest challenge you’re having accomplishing your goals?
  6. What is that issue costing your business?
    1. What would that change your revenue
  7. What is the impact on your company if you fix the issue or if you don’t fix the issue?
    1. How will you feel a year or 2 years from today
    2. What is the positive impact it will do for you
      1. Future pacing-showing what they can get if they do work with you.

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