Weekly Fast Track Sales Q&A


GAVID042- Weekly Fast Track Sales Q&A

March 2018




Give Guarantees? Done a few campaigns in that nitch

  1. Make sure you have the bankroll to do it
  2. Make sure you’re doubling or tripling the price for ad spent
    1. Have the cushion to do it
    2. Lower risk-Give management fee back

Challenging Conversations:

What to say when challenge conversation with own questions/Interpret

  1. Set convo up right
  2. Give guidelines-make sure it’s profitable for you
  3. Go through questions
  4. Re-guide convo to your questions

Giving away a free article

  1. Ask questions to get to know them
  2. Follow up with booking the next call

Advice for Sales

  1. Build yourself a consistent daily process/outreach
    1. Taking action every day
    2. Daily cold email
    3. Facebook live

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