Hiring a VA Part 1

GAVID020 – Hiring a VA Part 1

May 2018


Hiring a VA (Expanding Your Team)

  1. Be clear on our existing process-Simple
  2. Be clear that you don’t think like everyone else.
  3. Pick out things that are easy.
  4. Time investment with those tasks.
  5. Effective billing rate (What are you making as an employee)
  6. What do you evaluate yourself at?(Valued rate) What would you charge for your time with the client?

Hiring a Team Member:

  1. Track your time -commit to a week
    1. Make notes as you go to clarify what you are doing on a daily basis
      1. How long does it take you to do everything
      2. Try to let go of what takes the most time
    2. Make your system based on that
  2. Outline for the task and what needs to be done
    1. Screenshots of how to do it
    2. Key components-Make a Loom video
      1. 5 minutes or less
      2. Make sure your face is in the video
    3. Test email in your inbox and to me
  3. Hire Team member

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