Breaking 7 Figures and Staying There

GAVID011 – Breaking 7 Figures and Staying There

September 2018



*Sustainable long term recurring revenue

*Sustainable Systems/Models and Leadership

*Break 7 figures and stay there

Investing in Leadership

  1. Can’t lead other people if you can’t lead yourself.
    1. Constant continual personal development and improvement and acquisition of new knowledge and skills
      1. Invest in internal work, get better at what you do, leadership and hiring
    2. Intentionally choosing the right influences you want to be around that will take you to the next level.
    3. Intentionally removing influences that are going to hurt and hinder you
      1. Make significant choices that eliminate influences that are not going to help your team grow forward
      2. Make significant investments in the things that will help you grow and your company grow as a leader
  2. Investing in your leadership team
    1. Build a culture
      1. Yes, Can-do attitude
      2. Understand serving others
      3. Do what’s right for the company rather than just individuals
    2. Invest in them wisely
      1. Growth plan
      2. Building the best loyalty program

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