BME Scale Master Explained

GAVID010 – BME Scale Master

August 2018




Rule of 3 and 10: Rebuild at 3x and 10x

Problems Encountered:

  1. Leadership-Investing in others and helping them get to the next level
    1. Value in the marketplace
      1. 50,000 mark-grow-Put more value in the world. Attract a team who wants to follow you
    2. Developing your team
      1. Focus on the person and what they need from a growth perspective
      2. Roles-what do I have and what can I give away
      3. Build a growth pattern plan and follow-up
      4. Lead Yourself-Read and Grow, Improve mindset, financial intelligence


  1. Learning how to expand your product and services
  1. Get input on expanding offerings from existing customer base
  2. What is the next big thing you have to solve to move to the next level
  3. Survey Audience-They will tell you what you’re looking for to move forward
    1. Look for patterns in suggestions
  4. Pre-sell or just sell right out
  5. Generate more revenue to current clients than to new clients

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