A simple process for reducing refunds and chargebacks

GAVID009 – A Simple Process for Reducing Refunds and Chargebacks

October 2018


*Budget for 1% refunds/chargebacks

*Miscommunication- #1 cause


  1. Listening
  2. Going above and beyond to make sure communication is super clear

*Frequent refunds and chargebacks??

  1. Working for the wrong people-work for the right people/decent human being-do your research
  2. Not good at what you do yet


  1. Sell what you know and your confidence: Be up front that you will do frequent check-ins due to unknowns because its a new product
  2. Small deposit up front from client

*Process to prevent refunds/chargebacks:

  1. Work/sell to the right people at the right price
  2. Clear project plan
    1. steps/process written out
  3. Communication
    1. Be active
    2. Meet often for check-ins
    3. Have them approve and sign off on all parts of the project

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