The Path to The Only Three Departments You Need

GAVID008 – The Path to The Only Three Departments You Need to be Successful in Business

September 2018



  1. Sales and Marketing-Perfect your process
    1. You have to start to do the selling in the beginning, not delegate it to someone else
    2. Have conversations and sell people on how your solution will solve their problems faster/cheaper than them on their own
    3. Market Research-Get guidance/input
    4. Pre-sell


  1. Financial Control & Accounting
    1. Use revenue through a process/financial control model
    2. Budget-pay yourself as an owner
    3. Plan for future advertising


  1. Deliver Product or Service
    1. Deliver the product in the production dept. Inside the model amount you told yourself you had to spend

Success Club- for people serious about their business

Financial tools for each piece of the company

-Excellerates Growth

-18 Trainings throughout the year


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