BME Growth Ninja

GAVID007 – BME Growth Ninja

August 2018



Growth Ninja: 40,000-100,000 a year-Scale and make it a company


Be priced correctly….$500 price point


40,000-7 customers a year

100,000-17 customers a year


Growth Ninja Level

-Financial Control

-Growth and action taking mindset

-Learning to build a team

-Learning to build basic processes

-Learning to practice and improve your ability to delegate


Financial Model:

Rule of Thumb: Cost to deliver what you do and triple it-should be profitable

-Labor type service-$50 an hour…triple that…billing out $150 an hour

-Product-$350 in cost, triple,..$1050 Sell it for



You are the owner and the employee:

Owner Draw-20% -Pay yourself first

Overhead/taxes-30%-15% taxes/15%Overhead

Operations-Deliver product/Production-50%



Invest in yourself/Personal Development


Write down what you did today

From 1-10 rate what you love the most

  1.  Identify what you want to give away:1-2 things at a time
  2. Make a checklist/video of how you do that task
  3. Talk with who you are going to hire for this task for and if they want to do it

-Project review meeting

-Make a timeline-when/how long


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