The Three Key Areas That Affect On-Time Delivery


GAVID006 – The Three Key Areas That Affect On-Time Delivery

November 2018


  1. People Delays
    1. As a business owner, it is your job to anticipate problems and solve them before they happen.
    2. Plan for emergencies, holidays, unexpected hiccups
    3. Example: A product is due from a team member in half the time it is promised to be delivered to a client. If you promise the client a 2 day turn-around, your employee has one day to complete it.
  2. Process Delays
    1. The assumption is that your process is complete but it’s actually not.
    2. Consider what was missing from training. Did you skip a step?
    3. Do you have an incomplete process?
    4. Are your team members scared to ask for help? If so, communicate in an up-front way that you’re here to help to make the process better.
  3. Technology Delays
    1. Problems with technology actually happen less often than we think, but when it does we need back up plans.
    2. “Plan B is not good enough. You really ought to have a plan C, plan D and probably plan E.
    3. Always have a secondary way of delivering your product, making payments, etc.
      1. Example: way to record meetings: Zoom, Facebook Live
      2. Example: way to compensate employees
    4. Never count on one large customer or a sole source of income to keep your business going

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