How to Build Business Processes

GAVID005 – How to Build Business Processes

September 2018



Why? Free up time, build things consistently

System, model, process

Working 4 days instead of 5 days…Have to be more strategy and effective.

Building a Process for a Podcast

  1. Flow chart on paper/whiteboard
  2. List or flow chart-listing everything that needs to be done/templates
  3. Build a form for the client to fill out and submit a loom video
  4. Zoom recording
  5. Production form
  6. Releasing the Podcast
  7. Flow chart to share the Podcast

Beginning keys to start a process

  1. Draw flow chart out all the things you want to happen
  2. Write document outline and expand everything out
  3. Implement and test
  4. Adjust process
  5. Run process
  6. Test Improve-Add in video, screenshots, how-to guide

Web Developement

Included in the Process Form:


Google Docs

Step by step

How its done-screenshots, videos


Build it

Try it

Improve it

What’s the big outcome/Macro Goal down to micro/detail

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