Making the Right Offer to Drive Sales

GAVID002 –  Making the Right Offer to Drive Sales

January 2019


Misconceptions of Successful Product Launches

A coach/mentor/support system for accountability is a MUST.

Processes to create a million dollar idea that actually converts


  • If you build it they will come
  • Afraid of failure

Gurus / Talking Heads – What they do DOES work ; what they say DOES NOT work

There is a magic formula – but you have to work to make it work.

Pieces needed:

  • People (10-50)
  • Phone (to call them with)
  • Google Docs
  • Way to Accept Payment

Build a list (10-50 people – the more the better) in the field you desire to work in.  

Get their: name, email, phone number, and website

Call & Ask the magic questions – pain points : not a cold call – you’re not selling anything, just getting information – you’re looking for a repeat pattern or pain point and being careful to listen to the language/words they’re using.

Then, create a 1-3 page concept document with solutions to their pain points.


NEVER SELL YOUR ASSUMPTION – you will fail.  Make sure you’re solving actual pain points.

Ego driven = FAILURE

“The easiest way to fail is to force your own agenda.”

Building relationships is the key to success.  

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