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GAVID001 –  BME Start Up Genius

August 2018


  • Stages of Entrepreneurship
  • Barriers to get through
  • What to work on to get there

Entrepreneurial Journey – Levels

Level 1: $0-$40k/year

Level 2: $40-$100k/year

Level 3: $100k-$500k/year

Level 4: $500k-1mil/year

Level 5: 1mil +

Turn around time to get to where you want to be applying principles discussed: 2 years – longer term: 5-8 years.

Profit/Stability matters MOST.

Core Things at Level 1:

  1. Idea/Concept – Solving Problems/Solutions
  2. Early/Pre-Sales
  3. Rough Processes (1 pagers)

Core Things at Level 2:

  1. Team Size
  2. Team Culture/Approach
  3. Building more through Processes
  4. Getting YOU less involved in every sale

The 3 Magic Questions:

  1. Why are you in business?
  2. What are your base challenges right now?
  3. If you could wave a magic wand to fix shit, what would that look like?  

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