Cold Email for Clients

GAVID081 Cold Email for Clients The client needs to understand that regardless of how above-board your approach is, there will still be people who will respond negatively to cold email. Ask for a 90 day trial followed by month to month pending good work relationship. This allows time for set up, copy testing, etc In … Read more

Automation Basics 101

GAVID085 – Basic Automation 101 April 2018 Summary   Basic Automation   Create check list of things that need to know Have a plan Use format for calls   Build a form Makes you answer the same questions Consistent thought and action   Look through process and see if anything is missing. Improve on your … Read more

Achieving Mastery

GAVID086 – Achieving Mastery April 2018 Summary   Entrepreneur levels 0-40,000 per year 100,000-500,000 500,000-Million Million-10 Million 10 Million-100 Million-billion   Rule of 3 and 10 Everything changes when you triple and 10x   Figure out what your next level of Mastery is *Think strategically about what one skill will help you move forward then … Read more