The Seasons of Entrepreneurship

In entrepreneurship, as in life, there are seasons that we go through. This is something that is important that we pay attention to. I want you to become more aware of what season you’re in. Often we end up thinking “I can just push hard until I make it”, and that ends up burning us … Read more

Why is No One Buying From Me?

GAVID074 – Why is No One Buying From Me? January 2018 Summary   Is the product you offering any good Does it really solve a “real” problem Does it do what it says its going to do   Strong/Clear offer Message wrong? Consolidate Offer something for “free”/motivate them Is it the right fit for them … Read more

How to Safely Partner with Someone Else

GAVID079   How You Safely Partner With Someone Else “Getting a partner in business is like getting married but without the sex.” Don’t ever go into an official partnership immediately. Write a letter of intent. Start with 30-90 days Outline expectations of each person including hours worked and money invested. If it is working, move … Read more